Workplace wellbeing is a mess.

It's an undeniable reality across industries. Wellbeing programs are fragmented. It’s a well-intentioned mess, and it’s difficult to gather data to measure effectiveness, engagement, and ROI.

While companies strive for growth, employee wellbeing often lags behind, unnoticed and underserved. But here at Mindora, we want to shake things up. Enter: Wellbeing AI.

Our goal is to elevate wellbeing to the forefront of business success. 

We believe that the heart of any organization is its people. That's why our vision is to redefine the global workplace by making employee wellbeing the primary driver of organizational success.

Mindora envisions a future where all companies harness the power of AI to cultivate environments where wellbeing and productivity flourish together, setting new standards for business excellence and employee satisfaction. 

We are on a mission to harness cutting-edge AI to transform how companies manage wellbeing operations, focusing on reducing absenteeism and demonstrating clear ROI for wellbeing efforts.

By integrating Mindora’s AI into the fabric of your organization, wellbeing becomes not just a program, but a core aspect of your operational excellence.

Our values


Wellbeing through innovation

Our approach to workplace wellbeing goes beyond traditional programs. We innovate relentlessly, striving to uncover new possibilities within AI to foster an environment that cares for each individual uniquely and comprehensively.


Data-driven empathy

We believe in the power of data to uncover the nuances of employee wellbeing. We aim at translating complex metrics into empathetic actions, enabling HR to deploy meaningful initiatives grounded in genuine understanding.


Long-term vision, immediate impact 

While our eyes are set on the transformative potential of AI for the future workplace, we focus on creating tangible, immediate improvements in the lives of employees and the operations of businesses.


Pioneering partnerships

Collaboration is key to our process. We partner with visionary HR professionals and organizations who are ready to lead the charge in changing how employee wellbeing is perceived and acted upon.


Unwavering dedication to ROI

We are steadfast in our commitment to ensure that wellbeing initiatives are not just felt but also financially beneficial. We demonstrate the true value of caring for employees through clear, measurable returns on investments.

Our team

United by our shared values, we've assembled a team of dedicated professionals driven to make a difference.

Will Mellors-Blair

Co-founder & CEO

With five years of strategic experience in HR Tech, Will has carved a niche in operational strategy within the UK Government and two AI startups where he was headhunted for his expertise. A certified coach in Epigenetics, Will is deeply passionate about human performance optimization, bringing a blend of high-level strategy and in-depth knowledge of wellbeing.

Sergio Giannone

Co-founder & CPO

Sergio brings a rich blend of product expertise to Mindora, with five years in HR Tech and a history of significant roles in multinational companies, including Coca-Cola and ASICS. His certification in plant-based nutrition underscores his commitment to holistic wellbeing, contributing to the development of products that nurture both the individual and the corporate environment. 

Martin Sandhu

Co-founder & CTO

Martin is a seasoned professional with over fifteen years of experience in digital health transformation, adept at bridging the gap between clinical and national healthcare systems. His dedication to crafting impactful health solutions is integral to Mindora's mission, ensuring that technological advancements translate into real-world benefits. 

Monica Pool Knox

Monica is a luminary in designing human capital strategies and shaping the business impact of talent, culture and HR Tech within some of the most successful tech companies including Microsoft, Sony and Twitter as well as in healthcare as a Board Director of Swedish Health Systems. Her insight as a 2x CHRO, HR tech investor and strategic advisor drives Mindora’s innovation, blending genAI and data analytics to transform HR’s strategic impact. As an industry thought leader, Monica speaks and writes on topics inclusive of leadership, manager effectiveness, culture, data and AI, global talent strategies, and The Future of Work.

Kason Morris

Kason merges high-growth startup experience with insights gained at Fortune 100 powerhouses like Accenture, Salesforce, Allstate, and Merck, enriching his advisory role at Mindora. A fervent advocate for Wellbeing AI, he propels HR innovations, boosting employee well-being and operational efficiency. With a two-decade track record in leadership and deep-rooted commitment to skill-based, technology-enhanced talent development, he actively champions Life-Work Design to uplift marginalized communities. At Mindora, his strategic foresight and adeptness with AI are instrumental in redefining HR, leading organizations towards both operational excellence and enhanced employee satisfaction.

David De Mello

David brings extensive experience from his HR roles at HTC, IBM, and within the UK Government. With expertise in driving HR initiatives, restructuring, talent management, and system implementations, David has spearheaded organizational transformations, navigated complex consultations, and introduced efficient processes. His strategic approach aligns HR strategies with business goals, focusing on business partnering, coaching, and talent development across Life Sciences, Technology, Public Sector, and Defence.

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